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Test Your Well


As a service to private well owners, The Miami Conservancy District fosters a confidential screening program called Test Your Well. These events invite private well owners to bring a sample of their well water to be tested - at no charge - for the presence of nitrates, arsenic, and bacteria. The program objective is to help private well owners understand their drinking water source.

The Test Your Well events are organized as an informational fair - allowing participants to learn more about groundwater protection and their own well while they wait for the results. Although the results are completely anonymous, participants often take advantage of the expert staff people present to have their questions answered about water quality, well maintenance, and potential pollution sources.

MCD partners with local health departments, soil and water conservation districts, FFA (Future Farmers of America), high school environmental studies classes, and Ohio State University Extension to present Test Your Well.

For more information on Test Your Well, contact Mike Ekberg at
or (937) 223-1271.